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finds & organizes the knowledge of powerful and fundamental tools, to enable intelligence that aids students, researchers, and technical innovators.


Prioritizing Data Privacy

Focusing on scalability of ability

Putting Humans in Control

Download Full Release - v1.2.2 (Mac)
A dreamy answering engine powered by the best LLMs and Google

Copy text or take a screenshot

The engine immediately builds a beautiful website for you 

to help you understand the information you wanted, faster, deeper, and better. 

Learn Fast, Automatically Recall While Working, Never Forget.

Foundational knowledge pieces are like keys of a piano that can be played to produce beautiful manifestations.


We go to the highest quality sources of information to identify the right arrangement of these pieces and their links to each other and other knowledge.


Our software can understand the origin and applications of knowledge, wide and deep, making it a great aid for learning.


For Professors and Institutions

LumenAR is developing solutions that help integrate AI in universities.

Empower Students to Remember Long After

Students often forget important subject matter after the class is over. Our knowledge graphs ensure that they can quickly revise material or have access to it, whenever they need it, later in life.

Get Data and Control Over Your Class

Notice the common subjects that your students are struggling with to enhance your classes. Stop the AI from solving assignments. Block the application during tests for your class.

Help Your Students Excel

A strong foundation is key to mastering any subject. Our tools are designed to fill in prerequisite knowledge before teaching your syllabus. 

Expand Your Capabilities

LumenAR's automated intelligence tools streamline complex processes, empowering educators and researchers to achieve more while spending less of their precious time.

Empowering Academic Excellence

LumenAR's tools are tailored to empower academic brilliance, fostering a culture of innovation and exploration.

Get in Touch

If you are a professor or university representative, looking to integrate our tool in your curriculum, please contact us.


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Student Testimonials

“I study electrical engineering and often struggle with prerequisite knowledge that is not covered again in the course material. ”

Deena Levies, University of


“It is hard to remember so much course material after the classes ends. Classes turn out to be deeply connected when we enter junior year. Being able to revise parts of a knowledge map through an LLM and a graphical user interface would be life changing for me.”

Michael Bingam, NYU

“I would love to use this to understand research papers better and faster. Current tools do not understand that there is a lot outside the paper that should be communicated alongside the paper itself.”

Juhee Goyal, Harvard University

Elevate your academic pursuits with LumenAR's cutting-edge solutions for immersive learning.


Standard + Visual Explanation Engine

Visual explanations help communicate the meaning behind the connection of concepts. The most complicated transformations can be understood by witnessing binary transformations linked to each other, through time.

  • Best Value


    A personal AI tutor, powered by the most powerful models
    • $0.5/ hour of studying with your AI tutor
    • Powered by powerful models like Claude-3 GPT 4o, and Groq
    • Automatically builds knowledge map for later use
    • Helps you revise

Visual Explanation engine 
powered by Manim 
coming soon

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