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finds & organizes the knowledge of powerful and fundamental tools, to enable intelligence that aids students, researchers, and technical innovators.


Prioritizing Data Privacy

Focusing on Scalability of Ability

Putting Humans in Control


Download CodeBase - v1.2.2 (Mac)
A free, dreamy answering engine for hackers, powered by the best LLMs and Top Google Search Results

Copy text or take a screenshot

The engine immediately builds a beautiful website for you 

to help you understand the information you wanted, faster, deeper, and better. 

Learn Fast, Automatically Recall While Working, Never Forget.

Foundational knowledge pieces are like keys of a piano that can be played to produce beautiful manifestations.


We go to the highest quality sources of information to identify the right arrangement of these pieces and their links to each other and other knowledge.


Our software can understand the origin and applications of knowledge, wide and deep, making it a great aid for learning.

Standard + Visual Explanation Engine

Visual explanations help communicate the meaning behind the connection of concepts. The most complicated transformations can be understood by witnessing binary transformations linked to each other, through time.

  • Best Value


    A personal AI tutor, powered by the most powerful models
    • $0.5/ hour of studying with your AI tutor
    • Powered by powerful models like Claude-3 GPT 4o, and Groq
    • Automatically builds knowledge map for later use
    • Helps you revise

Visual Explanation Engine 
powered by Manim 
coming soon

Elevate your academic pursuits with LumenAR's cutting-edge solutions for immersive learning.


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